Hints & Tricks

Beginner You can hack enemy, team or neutral portals for supplies. Beginner XM is the little white dots on the ground. AP is your progress towards the next level (Action Points). Beginner You can view a larger map of the area at ingress.com/intel Beginner Your battery will drain. Ingress uses an active GPS connection, there is no way around this. Beginner All COMM goes to everyone, Faction COMM only goes to our team (Resistance). Beginner Hold the HACK button down to launch the "Glyph Game". Re-draw the patterns it shows you for a boosted supply hack! Beginner When linking portals, you loose the portal key to the portal you are linking to. Beginner You can only use equipment that is equal or lower than your level. Intermediate Once you have a portal key, you can not hack another for that portal. Put the key in a capsule or drop it on the ground, and then hack again for a chance at another. Or use the MORE glyph during glyph control. Intermediate While firing weapons, hold the FIRE button down. A circle will close in on your triangle. Release the button while the circle is collapsing for a boost up to 20% Intermediate You cannot play when traveling over 38mph. Hacks will fail and XM cannot be recharged. Intermediate You can hack a portal 4 times per 4 hours. Exceeding this will burn that portal, preventing hacks until those 4 hours are up. Heat Sinks / Multi Hacks change this. Intermediate If your XM bar is full. Recharge portals! You can recharge any portals that you have a key to remotely. Intermediate Standing exactly on top of a portal and using an Ultra Strike weapon will strip the mods from a portal. Intermediate When deploying resonators, stand as far away from the portal as you can and deploy. Resonators far away are harder to destroy then close ones. Intermediate A portal can only have 8 outbound links. Plan links to avoid hitting this limit. Advanced When fielding, make the smallest field first and work bigger to create layered or onioned fields. Advanced Don't send long (20km) links unless you plan on building a field, it could block a field in progress. Advanced JARVIS Virus's have a purpose for clearing blocking links and annoying the other team. They are not useless.